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Carthage Travel & Events,
A-category Travel Company

Dag Hamarshoeld st.
8050 – Hammamet – Tunisiа

Tel: +216 (72) 266-395

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Fax: +216 (72) 266-399

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Top news:

2010/02/16  Radisson Blu Resort & Thalasso Monastir ***** – Opening Thalasso & Spa Center We would like to inform you that the Thalasso & Spa Center «Royal Elyssa» will open the 1st of June 2010...

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2009/12/17  Carthage Travel and Events presents the basic changes at hotels which are base hotels for our company. You can see the information on following changes in season 2009/2010: the trade mark (brand), hotel names...

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2009/09/18  We invite you to visit the stand of company Carthage Travel & Events at exhibition MITT-2010: on March, 17-20th, "Epicenter", Moscow, Russia. It is located in pavilion "Forum" near to the stand of Tunisia.

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