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An oriental love story

Preparing a wedding doesn't just mean preparing the list of guests, the menu, the menu and appointing a toast-master. You must remember that the most important people are always the bride and groom... After all the ceremony and the splendid banquet will be followed by the honeymoon. It is best to organize one in advance, to make it cheerful, romantic and unforgettable.

The perfect honeymoon

  • A Honeymoon should be special, and not just the usual «sun, sea and sand» holiday. You will spend plenty of future holidays at ordinary resorts. A honeymoon is a very special event in your life and the impressions of these days should be exceptional. Do not be shy of giving yourself a bright and even sentimental holiday!

  • Do not follow the stereotypes. There is no doubt that there are cities and islands recognized by everybody as the most romantic places on the earth. The names are well-known: Paris, Venice, Prague... but in recent years several Tunisian resorts have taken their deserved places on the list. Every year more and more young couples go to this country for their first and most important holiday together. A beautiful oriental fairy-tale is a good start for their happy family lives.
  • Trust the professionals. Carthage Travel & Events welcomes annually more than 50 young couples who choose the unforgettable journey, exceptional impressions, romance and magic that this amazing country can present them, where even the boldest dreams and wishes come true. And to make this wonderful holiday happen Carthage Travel & Events helps you think over your romantic honeymoon in depth.


Paradise for lovers

The newly wedded couple is met by the guide at a separate airport counter. A chauffeur driven car brings the young couple to the hotel where snacks, fruits and a bottle of excellent Tunisian wine are waiting for them to celebrate the beginning of this marvelous adventure in the honeymoon suite. It has become common to arrange the wedding ceremony in accordance with the local traditions of the location for the wedding. This usually provides some interesting entertainment for the couple.

As for local traditions, there are definite rituals in Tunis. A great number of respectable centers offer their guests private zones for relaxation treatment for two. All procedures are taken simultaneously: massage for Him and for Her, special aroma therapy for Man and Woman, swimming pool and Jacuzzi. This Paradise for Two is available for you in the thalassic centers in hotels Le Royal Hammamet 5*, Hasdrubal Thalassa & SPA Yasmine Hammamet 5* and others.


The Venice and Alps of North Africa

Haven’t we promised you an amazing journey? We will keep our word by inviting the young couple to visit two wonderful cities.

Bizerte is called "The African Venice" by right. The narrow canal, taking its source in the sea, crosses the blocks of buildings in a zigzag shape, the houses walls rise right out of the water. In this place you will take a romantic boat trip and will wander hand in hand later in the cozy narrow streets planted with palms and mimosa, admiring the closely nestled up houses. And in the evening the lovers are welcomed for a romantic dinner in the hotel.

In the morning go to the northern shore of Tunis where in a nice bay, right at the bottom of Atlas Mountains you will find a small beautiful resort town Tabarka. The richest and most famous Tunisians come to rest here and this place is worth attention and respect. Visiting this town is absolutely necessary for the young couple: Tabarka is the winter residence of storks that bring new life and are the symbol of divine blessing, prosperity, faith and love.

Only in Tabarka will you discover the most beautiful sea views and beaches interspersed with scenic rocks. The town is surrounded by green hills, centuries-old oaks and pine trees. In this place palms are the neighbors of spruces. Fresh mountain air will make you feel like you are in the Alps. But we have promised you the magic! After this amazing tour you will go by boat to look at the biggest and most beautiful coral reefs in the Mediterranean. Instructed by the experienced coach you will go scuba diving in Neptune's kingdom and will see rare types of corals, starfishes, bright-colored fish, octopuses and small fearful sea-horses. Why not to catch some sea delicacies for dinner? Professional cooks will make a culinary masterpiece from your catch with pleasure. In the evening this part of your romantic tour will finish on the beach where, admiring the colorful sunset, and a fine dinner for two will be waiting for you.

A honeymoon journey provides great possibilities. And the honeymoon tour in Tunis offers endless variety. This romantic trip could be a wonderful gift for the young couple and if you are willing to surprise your friends or your children we would be glad to help you organize this holiday!